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Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances

Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances

Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances



by Candy May Nabaunag



In Memory of the Disappeared
(AFAD Launches Its Resource Center)


Replicas of AFADís dearly beloved martyrs, Munir and Aasia Jeelani.The Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances launched on 12 May 2006 the AFAD Resource Center in memory of the disappeared and of Munir and Aasia.

Munir was AFADĘs chairperson who was murdered by arsenic poisoning in September, two years ago. He was a staunch human rights defender in his home country in Indonesia. Aasia, was a strong advocate of human rights as well, and a journalist from Kashmir who died in a landmine blast on April 20, 2004.

This initiative to establish an information center is rooted on the four principles to fight involuntary disappearances namely, truth, justice, redress and recuperation of historical memory. Its goal is to combat the atmosphere of ignorance toward cases of enforced disappearances through collecting and sharing relevant information and materials on the said issue to the general public, projecting the disappearances in Asia and demystifying the belief that it is solely a Latin American phenomenon and developing a centralized database system of disappearance cases in Asia. It also aims to serve as a concrete remembrance of the disappeared through its displayed collection of donated memorabilia.

Suciwati, Munirís widow, unveils Munirís replica.Funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Manila, the Resource Center was begun on the last quarter of 2005. It built on its foundation of accumulated resources on human rights particularly disappearances for the past eight years since the FederationĘs establishment in 1998.

The Netherlands EmbassyĘs First Secretary for Political and Cultural Affairs Marcel van den Bogaard officially opened the CENTER to the public. To note, the Resource Center is funded by the Dutch Embassy in Manila. Suciwati, wife of Munir, also graced the event and imparted an inspiring message to the human rights community. In memory of Aasia, Mir Haffizullah of the Association of Parents of the Disappeared (APDP) from Kashmir also delivered his thanks and respect to the family of Aasia and to the audience.

AFADís international network graces the inauguration of its Resource Center.AFADís international network graces the inauguration of its Resource Center.Fr. Ben Moraleda and Sr. Arnold Maria blessed the Center in the presence of the AFAD Council Members, Secretariat, honored guests and families of the disappeared. Representatives of similar formations namely, Maria Adela Antokoletz (FEDEFAM), Irina Krasovskaya (We Remember-Belarus), Diana Sarosi (Non-Violence International) and Dave Hardy (HOM-Linking Solidarity), also graced the event.

Following its launching, the Center continues to expand its collection of relevant information for local, regional and international bodies. It aims to take every possible step to strengthen the ties of the people fighting against impunity and bring each desaparecido into every personís collective and indelible memory.

Candy May Nabaunag is the librarian of AFADís Resource Center. Before joining the AFAD secretariat, she served as a librarian in a number of universities in Baguio City, Philippines.
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Vol. VI No.1 November 2006

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