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Entry into Force of
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The Ratification of the
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UN WGEID and the 1992 UN
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Cover Background Source:
“Time Tunnel”
by Thomas Leiser



Welcoming the Entry into Force of the Convention For the Protection of All Persons From Enforced Disappearances

by Mugiyanto

On behalf of the AFAD, we wish you a happy new year 2011! Let us make this year a fruitful year for the respect of human rights and the attainment of justice and peace.

Last year has been a successful year for the struggle against enforced disappearance. The International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (the Convention) entered into force on 23 December 2010. At the time of this treaty’s entry into force, it had 88 signatories and 21 ratifications.

The entry into force itself does not necessarily mean that enforced disappearances of persons will automatically disappear from the face of the earth and that victims will attain their rights. This treaty, whose crucial provisions are rooted from the concrete experiences of the victims and families of victims of enforced disappearances from different parts of the globe, gives more meaning to our common struggle to prevent and stop this heinous practice, to enable victims and survivors to find truth and justice and to concretize their rights. It signifies that we already have a legally binding international instrument that can be implemented in countries whose governments have ratified it so that we can realize our dream of attaining a world free from enforced disappearances.

The present challenge for the AFAD is to intensively and extensively campaign and lobby for more ratifications so that the Convention will universally be implemented. For the AFAD and the rest of the members of the International Coalition Against Enforced Disappearances (ICAED), it is important to nurture the spirit of hope before the treaty was adopted by consensus in 2006 by the UN General Assembly. With states’ ratification and obligatory codification of the offense through the enactment of domestic laws penalizing disappearances, the Convention’s implementation in the ground will certainly benefit the victims and their families in the process of attaining truth, justice, reparation and memory and to prevent recurrence. For this purpose, the role of victims’ families’ associations, national human rights organizations and the rest of civil society in pushing for the treaty’s implementation is of paramount importance.

In this issue, The Voice shares with you, among other articles, some analyses and updates on the process of campaign for justice for the desaparecidos vis-a-vis the ratification of the Convention, through the articles by Atty. Gabriella Citroni and of IKOHI of Indonesia.

This issue also shares with you AFAD’s efforts for empowerment and consolidation such as the summary of victims’ psychological strengthening and a bird’s eye view of our Fourth Congress in Jakarta in June 2010.

Also in this issue is a review by Alan Harmer, AFAD member in Geneva, of the documentary film, “Unsilenced,” depicting the uphill struggle for justice of the families of 6 paper factory workers whose loved ones disappeared in the Philippines.

Moreover, this issue speaks of our solidarity with our Latin American sisters and brothers, who, because of their indefatigable struggle in the fight for the truth and justice, have garnered small and grand victories in the fight against impunity.

The rest of the pieces in this issue speak of the continuing malady of enforced disappearances in Asia and the undying struggle to put an end to the crime of enforced disappearances, to deliver the elusive truth, to obtain justice and reparation for the victim and to ensure that never again will this brutal practice of denying human existence occur in any part of the world.
























The VOICE March 2011

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